Bikini Posing Lessons

Bikini Posing lessons are crucial to a competition prep. You’ve spent months working hard in the gym and diligently following your meal plan and now you have a few minutes to showcase those months of hard work on stage. Make every minute count with a unique and stellar posing routine that showcases your personality.

Bikini Posing Lessons Provide You With:

1 Hour Skype Lesson where I will help you create a unique posing routine or evaluate your current posing routine and help you tweak things to make sure your body looks its best from the judge’s perspective. Lessons include:

  • What to expect on stage
  • Evaluating posing requirements from your federation
  • A unique posing routine choreographed just for you that lets your personality shine through
  • How to transition from poses gracefully
  • Your entrance and exit walk
  • Choosing a unique bow off that matches your personality
  • What to do during comparisons
  • What to do during a pose-off