Stage Presence Consultation

You have your workouts down, your nutrition has been on point, your posing routine is flawless and now you have a few last details to figure out before stepping on stage. Need guidance with figuring out suit cut, color, and style (or where to order a suit)? Don’t know which spray tan to get (a tan is required for EVERYONE stepping on stage)? Questions about jewelry, etc? This consultation will equip you with all the info you will need to feel confident on show day!

Stage Presence Consultations Provide You With:

30 minute skype conversation where you can ask me any questions you may have regarding stage presence. We will cover:

  • Where and how to purchase a suit (cut, color, style, etc)
  • Spray tan recommendations
  • Shoe selection (style, heel height, embellishments, sizing, where to purchase, etc)
  • Hair consultation and recommendations
  • Makeup consultation and suggestions
  • What to bring with you backstage