We are always on the go, on the run, thinking, doing everything all at once. Take a moment to breathe! Connecting breath with movement is a wonderful way of relaxing and coming into the present. Why not get a good stretch and work on mobility? Love a yummy yoga flow with all of the feel good poses? Or maybe you’re ready to break a sweat today and work on your strength? Wanting to connect to your sensual side? There are so many different styles of yoga to suit every need!

Private Yoga Lessons

For clients who would like one-on-one yoga instruction. I will customize a yoga class to your specific needs and goals. In person and skype options available!

  • Initial Email so that I can get to know you. Questions include your goals, body composition, and current workouts in order to help me create the perfect flow for YOU.
  • Custom Flow so that each posture/asana is chosen for your body and specific needs.
  • Alignment Cues and Hands on Assist to help you get into the proper alignment in each posture.
  • Guided Breath Work and Breathing Cues to bring you to the present and coordinate your movement with your breathing so you can really get into the rhythm of your flow
  • Guided Meditation and Centering helps to reduce stress, increase grey matter in your brain, find your center, and come into your yoga practice with an open mind.
  • Sanskrit and/or English instruction so that you know the proper terms for each pose. No intimidation in your lesson!


Skype: $75/ hr

In Person (Austin, TX & Surrounding Areas Only): Starting at $95/ hr

To book a private yoga class please email



Want to really dive into yoga in a manner that yoga classes and lessons doesn’t accommodate? I offer yoga workshops covering a variety of unique yoga topics. Join me for online webinar style yoga workshops as well as in person workshops around the world! If you would like to host one of my workshops in your studio, school, office, etc please send an email to

Asana Basics A 3 hour workshop delving into the most popular asanas. We break down posture and alignment cues for each of the asanas, their physical and mental benefits, and the use of props

Connecting to Your Inner Shakti Ready to connect to your inner feminine? We explore yoga in a manner that will connect you to your feminine side. Discussion, explanation, and practice of kundalini yoga, yin yoga, and how to approach your practice in a sensual manner. Open to females and males!

Yoga for Musicians Playing music professionally takes a serious toll on the body. This 3 hour workshop is focused on restorative postures for musicians that will improve posture, mobility, flexibility, and address bodily concerns related to the music profession.

Yoga for Bodybuilders Training for a bodybuilding competition is seriously hard work! This 3 hour workshopdives into the mechanics of bodybuilding in relation to yoga. We explore different asanas that are beneficial and balance the intense training style of bodybuilding.  

Mindfulness and Meditation A 2 hour course covering the use of mindfulness and meditation in today’s society. We cover the difference between meditation and mindfulness, different types of meditation, the application of mindfulness, and practice several types of meditations.

Yoga in the Modern World Yoga is an ancient tradition that is an all encompassing lifestyle. In this workshop we explore the history of yoga from the beginnings to modern society and how yoga translates to today’s world. We explore different options on how to bend ancient yogic traditions to fit your life.

To inquire about workshop pricing and availability please email