3 Workouts to Try After a Breakup

3 Workouts to Try After a Breakup

I indulged, I’ll admit it.

When I went through my breakup with my ex-fiance, I ate all the ice cream and consumed a little more alcohol than I would usually.

I was disconnected from myself. I felt like I would never be happy again. The overwhelming pain of a broken heart makes any escape look enticing.

10 Outdoor Activities That Are Great Workouts

If you’re dragging your feet in the gym, or dreading your workout session, it’s time to ditch the gym and switch things up. There are many solo and group outdoor activities you can do that are also great workouts.

From cardio and low impact, to high intensity and strength building this list has an outdoor workout activity for…

How to Practice Yoga at Home and Make it a Habit

When most of us think of yoga our immediate thought isn’t: “I’m going to learn how to practice yoga at home…

Most of us probably imagine of a bohemian studio with wood floors, incense pouring out of the room, traditional music blaring, a woo-woo teacher who is totally yoga-drunk, and a bunch of “fit” bodies in spandex moving in perfect synchronization to their breath as the teacher whispers something like…

5 Best YouTube Yoga Channels in 2020

Since my dorm-life college years I have taken many Youtube yoga classes simply for the convenience and accessibility. As a college student on a budget, I was grateful for the plethora of free yoga. As a digital nomad I’ve been lucky enough to have access to great yoga classes in english (or any language) as long as I had internet connection. And as a yoga teacher, I appreciate the free yoga mission that so many channels have embodied.