12 Healthy Travel Tips
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12 Healthy Travel Tips

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If you’ve been following me on instagram and twitter, you know that I’ve been traveling quite a bit for the past few months while maintaining a daily yoga practice. I am so grateful for the opportunity to travel indefinitely #blessed (lol). Through this travel, including planes, boats, cars, foot travel – you name it, I’ve compiled a go-to list of 12 healthy travel tips. This top 12 healthy travel tips list is mainly focused on air travel as this is the most popular long distance method.

As always, these are my top 12 healthy travel tips that I follow, and I am in no way giving anyone medical advice. I’ve including quite a bit of academic research here, and the links can be lengthy and dense (all for you reading pleasure, if you’re a nerd like me), but please do your own research as well.

Without further ado (and in no particular order)…

Keep your hands clean!

12 Healthy Travel Tips

Ok, so if I have to rank any of these tips, this one is the most important. Hand sanitizers are a great option for on-the-go sanitation. The aim is to kill germs while simultaneously maintaining a healthy skin flora. Many mainstream hand sanitizers use alcohol as the active ingredient. And while alcohol is great at killing pathogens via denaturation, it also kills the healthy bacteria living on our skin that protect us from other critters. This is the same reason we avoid using rubbing alcohol on open wounds and skin lesions. I like to keep this alcohol free one in my backpack.

Boost your immune system

12 Healthy Travel Tips

This tip is very important when using public transportation like planes, trains, and busses. Exposure to germs and bacteria is greater during travel and the subsequent stress decreases immune function. Taking immune boosting supplements will increase immune function and increase natural T cell production. T cells are a type of lymphocyte cell (produced/processed by the thymus gland that actively) that participate in the body’s immune response. These cells are your best friends while traveling in order to prevent illness, so pop those immune boosting supplements to encourage their production. My go-to’s are Vitamin C ,Immune C (bioflavonoids and immune boosting herbs), and Host Defense Immune Sopport.

Get restful sleep

12 Healthy Travel Tips

When traveling across time zones it can often take several days to a week to fully adjust to your new time zone. To decrease jet lag and get your circadian rhythm and sleep cycles back to normal melatonin can really help. Melatonin being investigated for it’s potent anti-cancer benefits. Regardless of where you departed from or where you’re arriving, to stay awake if the sun is up and sleep when the sun is down. Moderate exercise is recommended. It will help you acclimate to your new timezone. Extra helpful is to do a yoga routine outdoors barefoot in the grass as this will literally ground you.

Wear comfy clothing

12 Healthy Travel Tips

Planes often get very cold. Having a thick pair of socks and a warm jacket with you is important. Previously, I’ve travelled with a neck pillow, but now opt for a heavy jacket to reduce the amount of items I’m carrying. Eye masks allow you to block out light and sleep. Although sleeping on the plane should be avoided in general, don’t throw your circadian rhythm out of whack by sleeping during daylight hours of your final destination. I like this contoured eye mask

Save your ears with noise canceling headphones

12 Healthy Travel Tips

These are an absolute must. Once you’ve travelled with them you won’t travel without them. You will literally find yourself in your own world with these headphones. They allow you to play back at a comfortable volume level since the headphones almost entirely block out the sounds of jet engines and air passing over the hull, so you won’t be maxing out your volume. Save your hearing, your ears will thank you. I’ve tried many noise cancelling headphone and the Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Headphones are by far the best.

Stay charged with an external battery pack

12 Healthy Travel Tips

For many of us our phones are practically an extension of ourselves. Without a battery, your phone is nothing more than a paperweight. The Mophie Powerstation has been a lifeline on long journeys. It has 3 charging ports and 2.1 amp high output charging so you can charge multiple devices at the same time. It gives me about 7 full charges on my iPhone or 4 full charges on my iPad.

Pack healthy snacks

12 Healthy Travel Tips

Nuts and a good quality Dark Chocolate are my go to snacks. They offer a delicious treat that’s low on the glycemic index, contains many heart healthy fats, and a moderate amount of proteins and carbohydrates. Other healthy snacks might include shelled pistachios, berries, sliced cucumbers, celery, and carrots.

Pack a water canister and stay hydrated!

12 Healthy Travel Tips

Traveling on planes is super dehydrating. Consuming alcohol and caffeine will exasperate this effect. It is important to maintain high water intake, even more than your usual intake. I carry a Klean Kanteen or Hydro Flask canister filled with fresh filtered water (I sometimes add vit c as ascorbic acid) prior to getting to TSA. If there is still some liquid in my bottle at the TSA Checkpoint I’ll chug it or dump it, and refill at the refillable water stations throughout the airport. There are plenty of good reasons to avoid tap water.

Skip the airplane food & fast food

The food served on airplanes is terrible. Once you’re airborne, your options include extremely processed, full of preservatives, and unhealthy. Ideally you would travel fasted, but if not, make good choices with what’s available which means getting goods prior to boarding the plane. Salads are a cornerstone, as is plain Greek yogurt, and Fresh fruit, nuts, and good quality chocolate.

Remember to breathe

12 Healthy Travel Tips

While cruising above the clouds at twelve thousand feet oxygen in the air is limited. Commercial airlines, which travel around 38,000ft, supplement the cabin with additional oxygen, but the amounts are still less than what one might find in an ideal environment. By default, your blood oxygen levels will drop on the flight. To take advantage of the oxygen that is present it’s important to breathe consciously, a practice well worth taking advantage of anytime. Breathing is both sympathetic and parasympathetic, meaning it is both conscious and unconscious action. Slow, deep, and regular is key. Try Dr. Weil’s 4-7-8 Breath for deep relaxation.

Move around the cabin and keep blood flowing

Move around the cabin and keep blood flowing

Don’t neglect your physical health and keep moving with this travel tip! Shoulder rolls, neck rolls, high knees, forward folds, ankle rotations. Tension and release technique. Self massage. Take time you need in the bathroom, and on your way back to your seat do some walking lunges.

Pre-download movies/podcasts and have pen and paper available

Pre-download movies/podcasts and have pen and paper available

Often times I find planes the perfect place to get writing and other work related things out of the way. I wrote the majority of this article on a plane, actually. Bring with you whatever you need to keep yourself busy, productive, and entertained. I love a good quality journal. Unlined is my personal preference. This does not limit me to only write, but I can also sketch, draw, etc.

Bonus Tip:

Bonus Tip

Check bags w/ as much as you can and bring with you on the plane only a backpack containing the essentials above. This will keep you better organized and less stressed. Better yet, travel light enough to not have to check a bag and go with a carry-on roller, backpack, and over arm computer bag.

Add to this list of 12 healthy travel tips and leave YOUR tips in the comments!



  • Nathalia

    Nathalia is a bodybuilder-turned-yoga teacher on a mission to help powerful womxn regain balance & build their own version of wellness + confidence. In 2017 she launched nathaliafit.com, a fitness & wellness blog to help further this mission. She holds a master’s degree, two undergraduate degrees, and is an RYT-200 . She currently resides in Austin, Texas, USA with her partner and their rescue dog, Reishi.


  • Kathleen Wonders

    Great tips! I especially loved the noise-cancelling headphones! I try to take a short nap during flights but it’s difficult when it’s noisy. Will definitely check this out! Also liked the moving tips but I might feel too self-conscious to do lunges while walking down the aisle. Hahahaha. Thanks for sharing! 😀

    • nb0525

      I will never get on a plane without them. Even if you just turn on white noise you’re protecting your ears. I totally understand feeling self conscious about the lunges, but at least for me it makes a big difference nn longer haul international flights. You might get some funny looks, but I promise no one on the crew will tell you to stop.

  • Johnny

    I love how you gave tips to improve a person’s mental health and hygiene and not just their physical health. As a travel blogger and fitness Instructor I’ve often noticed that the idea of staying healthy whilst travelling (literally) is something that’s rarely thought of so seeing these kind of posts, discussing healthy snacks, using noise cancelling headphones to have some solitude, is really refreshing and relevant!

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures

    • nb0525

      Thanks so much, Johnny. Health often gets forgotten between the flurry of travel. Once I became a digital nomad I quickly realized that keeping these things in mind and properly preparing are crucial.

  • Kristen Swann

    I always have a bottle of water with my when traveling. I also take it with me when I’m exploring the destination. I do this because depending on the country, water isn’t always free. Its a good way to save a few dollars here and there.

  • Cassie Webber

    These are great tips! I always have to be in comfy clothes when I am traveling. Sweat pants and a t shirt are my go tos! I also love that you added bringing healthy snacks because then you always have something on hand that you know you are still fueling your body well. Thank you for sharing!

  • Mihaela

    Agreed! What I noticed is that jetlag gets worse with age. So, that needs a bit more attention. And aeroplane food is a no-no, thanks. Much easier and healthier to bag something at home before leaving. It’s great when somebody thinks of these things and reminds the busy traveller not to ignore health. Thank you!

  • Kate

    These are great tips!! I love the idea of noise canceling headphones, I had a pair long ago but need to get new ones eventually I’ll have to check out the Bose ones! Hand sanitizer has definitely been our best friend on trips and I like the idea of exercising while on the plane! I usually drive places but once I fly places I’ll have to remember this!

  • Cassie

    Great tips! I know some people wouldn’t be happy about it, but I recently went on a road trip with a few friends, and we still had a blast together. Everything was very clean, and we carried hand sanitizer and water everywhere with us! Thank you for sharing these tips!

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