5 Best YouTube Yoga Channels
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5 Best YouTube Yoga Channels in 2020

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5 Best YouTube Yoga Channels

Since my dorm-life college years I have taken many Youtube yoga classes for convenience and accessibility. As a graduate student on a budget, I was grateful for the plethora of free yoga available online. As a digital nomad I’ve been lucky enough to have access to great yoga classes in english (or any language) as long as I had internet connection. And as a yoga teacher, I appreciate the free yoga mission that channels have embodied.

There are now SO MANY yoga Youtube channels there is a flavor, style, and teacher for everyone. I’ve had my fair share of online yoga classes: some good, some strange, and some not-so-good. I’ve taken the guesswork out of the trial-and-error of scouring the internet for a good yoga class and have created a round up of my go-to Youtube yoga channels.

When you want to find what feels good: Yoga With Adriene

Austin, TX native and yoga teacher Adriene Mishler boasts the largest yoga channel on YouTube. She runs month-long themed yoga calendars, which you can find on her website, and posts yoga classes ranging from 6 minutes to 45+ minutes. There’s a certain cozy and yummy aspect to Adriene’s videos and you’ll often hear her say “Find What Feels Good” alongside her adorable four legged co-host Benji.

When you want a formal class: Fightmaster Yoga

When I’m wanting a formal style class similar to what you’d find at a yoga studio, I often find myself going to Fightmaster Yoga for her 30+ minute yoga videos. I particularly appreciate her hour long ashtanga videos, though she also teaches other style classes as well. Visit her website for info on her yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings.

When you don’t want the yoga cliches: Bad Yogi

Erin Motz is a self proclaimed bad yogi who says she is “the carnivorous, red wine and French cheese-loving type… You won’t hear much Sanskrit, I totally forgive you if you don’t know your asana from your elbow, & I firmly believe that yoga is for everyone, from the kale-loving vegan to the prize-winning deer hunter.” Recently she has hosted a 100 Poses series where she breaks down 100 of the most common yoga poses in layman’s terms and under 6 minutes. She also has a fantastic blog.

When you want a technical class: Yoga by Candace

If a more technical feel is what I’m craving, Candace Moore is my go-to lady. She loves to lift as much as she loves yoga and has a great understanding of yoga anatomy and the human body. She has the ability to guide you through advanced poses with cues that will make everything click. Candace is a 500 E-RYT, and a NASM-CPT, and I appreciate that she is constantly self educating. If you follow her on social media you will see that she is open about the back-end of running a yoga business, which I very much appreciate. Her website has lots of resources including a blog, recipes, programs, and info on retreats and yoga teacher trainings.

When you want short and sweet: SarahBethYoga

Sarah Beth was one of the first yoga channels I came across in undergrad when I was wanting to dip my toes into the yoga world and an hour long class was intimidating (we’ve come a long way). Most of her videos are 30 minutes or under and taught in a style of yoga that fits our modern lives. You can find monthly programs on her website as well as info on her paid app.

Let me know your thoughts on these lovely ladies of youtube yoga and share your favorite youtube yoga channels in the comments!

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5 Best YouTube Yoga Channels in 2020


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