10 Ways to Elevate Your Yoga Practice
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10 Ways to Elevate Your Yoga Practice Now

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If you have been practicing yoga at home as much as I have the past few months you’ve probably hit a slump. We’ll go through 10 Things that will Elevate your Yoga Practice in this article so you can get excited again to get back on the mat.

…because what was once a yummy treat of a youtube yoga class or personal practice has now lost its luster and you’ve probably lost your motivation.

If you miss the little extras that your favorite yoga teacher used to incorporate into their live studio class, you’ll be thrilled to know that you can incorporate many of them into your home yoga practice!

10 Ways to Elevate your Yoga Practice Now

10 Ways to Elevate Your Yoga Practice Now Mala

Use Mala Beads

If you’ve ever wondered what those beautiful necklaces with the tassels on them are, they’re called malas, or mala beads.

A mala contains 108 beads, traditionally rudraksha seeds on a silk string, followed by a guru bead, and a silk tassel.

Similar to prayer beads, malas are used as a meditation tool. For each bead you chant a mantra until you have reached the guru bead.

You can choose if your mantra will have religious, spiritual, or secular connotations, so don’t be afraid to use this fantastic meditation tool to elevate your yoga practice.

10 Ways to Elevate your Yoga Practice Now incense

Burn Incense

The smell of incense wafting from the entrance of a yoga studio is instantly comforting.

A familiar scent that you associate with a particular activity (like incense and yoga) can easily transition you from whatever state you were in before starting class and into the zone for your practice.

There are many incense scents to choose from that you can burn at home. I love the traditional Nag Champa which you may smell in many yoga studios. You can find it here.

Have fun with trying different incense to see how each one can amplify your yoga practice.

10 Ways to Elevate your Yoga Practice Now oils

Incorporate Aromatherapy

If incense isn’t your thing, try using essential oils!

As mentioned above, scent has the power to transform your state and mood, so incorporating aromatherapy can be a lovely addition to your yoga practice.

Whether you’re wanting to get energized, relaxed, focused, or grounded there is an essential oil to pair for just about any intention or effect.

This kit is perfect for starting aroma therapy and elevating your yoga practice!

10 Ways to Elevate your Yoga Practice Now singing bowl

Try Sound Healing

If you’ve never had a sound bath you need to get on this ASAP. It’s a wonderful de-stressing and relaxing treatment.

While a live sound healing session or sound bath is a unique physical and auditory experience, you can do this at home without instruments or other people!

You can find loads of sound healing options on spotify that will amplify your yoga practice.

You may not get the sensation of the sound waves passing through your body in the same way that a live session would feel, but the auditory and relaxation effects can be very similar.

10 Ways to Elevate your Yoga Practice Now massage

Do Self Massage

This one is sure to elevate your yoga practice! If you love hands on assist during a studio yoga class (when the teacher comes around to physically fix your form or give a light massage) then you’ll definitely want to take the time to do some self massage during your home practice!

Self massage has many benefits from myofascial release to lymphatic drainage, so you won’t want to skip it!

Try giving yourself a hug and cupping your shoulder muscles in your hands, running your fingers from the bridge of your nose and across your brow bone, or laying flat on your back and hugging your knees into your chest while rocking back and forth.

You can even incorporate a prop like a foam roller or a trigger point ball to get deeper into those muscles.

10 Ways to Elevate your Yoga Practice Now music

Find an Awesome Playlist

Music is a very powerful tool that can easily amplify your yoga practice. Studies have shown again and again how music can increase athletic performance, help focus, and even promote relaxation.

If you’re up for it, create your own playlist according to the mood you want for you class.

You can also find a few of my pre-made 60 minute yoga playlists on spotify!

10 Ways to Elevate your Yoga Practice Now meditate

Incorporate a Meditation

We mentioned meditation above, by discussing mala beads. BUT you don’t need a Mala to meditate!

Asana, or the yoga poses, that you focus on during class can be a lovely meditation practice in itself if you’re able to solely focus on the breath-movement connection.

If you want to elevate your yoga practice you can try doing a simple breathing meditation like the 4-7-8 breath, or a guided meditation (if you’re practicing at home don’t be afraid to break up your practice like this).

10 Ways to Elevate your Yoga Practice Now play


Find your inner child and don’t be afraid to try a challenging pose. Have some fun playtime to amplify your yoga practice!

Take the time in your practice to stop, pick a pose (headstand is a fun one to work on), and break things down.

You can find a how-to video for just about any pose on Youtube.

Once you’ve had your playtime, get back into your flow.

10 Ways to Elevate your Yoga Practice Now props

Use Props

Props can really transform a pose. They can elevate your yoga practice by equally make a pose more challenging or less challenging.

If you feel like your body needs some assistance in a pose (like if you can’t touch your toes, or if you can easily touch your toes) just use a foam block to either bring the earth closer to you or further from you.

This allows you to get deeper or more shallow into a pose to suit your abilities.

You can also incorporate a yoga wheel or a yoga strap for variations, assists, etc.

10 Ways to Elevate your Yoga Practice Now lifestyle

Try Yoga Off the Mat

Yoga is so much more than just the poses.

It’s a mindset and a lifestyle.

You could try to eat vegetarian or vegan for the day or be more mindful, practice non attachment, or be kinder throughout the day.

You can read more about the yoga lifestyle here.


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