The Ultimate 2020 Yoga and Wellness Holiday Gift Guide (1)

The Ultimate 2020 Yoga and Wellness Holiday Gift Guide

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The Ultimate 2020 Yoga and Wellness Holiday Gift Guide

Purchasing gifts for the yoga and wellness enthusiast in your life can be challenging. You can’t just pop into any store and purchase something right off the shelf. No, no, that won’t work. Because this special friend of yours requires special considerations. And this is where The Ultimate 2020 Yoga and Wellness Holiday Gift Guide comes in handy!

The yoga and wellness enthusiast in your life is probably one, or all, or some, of the following:

  • is a minimalist (the key here is to only purchase ONE gift that is VERY good quality and will stand the test of time).
  • is a vegetarian or vegan, or at least has very specific dietary guidelines
  • eats only organic
  • purchases only fair trade and ethically made products
  • is anti-waste
  • is an environmentalist
  • cares about animal welfare
  • loves woo-woo stuff
  • has a particular style

You see, gifts like these have to be well thought out because they can be difficult to find or not be well executed. So much for that last minute store run. Sorry, sis, Target may not be able to help you out with this special friend’s or family member’s gift. But I sure can! Prices listed as of 11/16/2020.

How to Use The Ultimate 2020 Yoga and Wellness Holiday Gift Guide

This guide is divided by department (yoga, fitness, self improvement, toiletries & cosmetics, household) and then by price category (Luxury, Highend, Middle, and affordable), though not every item will have options for each price category.

While not all of the items on The Ultimate 2020 Yoga and Wellness Holiday Gift Guide will tick off all of the bullet points previously mentioned, one of these items will be sure to suit your darling friend or family member’s requirements.


These are the so-not-necessary items that can make the yogi or wellness enthusiast in your life feel so spoiled they’ll be doing backflips (or maybe you will, because these items are seriously expensive).


You know the splurges that aren’t outlandish, but you still hesitate and think long and hard before forking over the cash for them? That’s what you’ll find in this category. Good quality does sometimes come with a price tag.


These items are a good middle ground. You’ll still get the quality, but you won’t be breaking the bank, and many of these items can feel high end or even luxury.


Because a good gift really doesn’t have to be expensive.

The Ultimate 2020 Yoga and Wellness Holiday Gift Guide


Yoga Mat

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LuxuryHigh EndMiddleAffordable
ItemOriginal Yoga MatPRO Yoga MatPaws MatProGrip Yoga Mat
CompanyLiformeMandukaYogi BareHeathyoga

Yoga Towel

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LuxuryHigh EndMiddleAffordable
ItemYogitoeseQuaNo-Slip Yoga TowelsYoga Towel

Yoga Wheel

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LuxuryHigh EndMiddleAffordable
ItemPlexus Wheel SetYoga Wheel SetSports Yoga WheelYoga Wheel Set 

Yoga Swing

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LuxuryHigh EndMiddleAffordable
ItemYoga Trapeze ProAerial Yoga Swing SetAerial Yoga Swing SetAerial Yoga Swing Set
CompanyYOGABODYUpCircleSevenYoga4YouE ETERMTT

Singing Bowl

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LuxuryHigh EndMiddleAffordable
ItemForested Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl SetTibetan Singing Bowls SetWhite Frosted Singing BowlTibetan Singing Bowl
CompanyRYAN DVANThamelUBTerSilent Mind

Yoga Bolsters

LuxuryHigh EndMiddleAffordable
Natural Yoga Pillow Set View 1
ItemNatural Yoga Pillow Set
Round Yoga BolsterSol Round Yoga BolsterSupportive Round Cotton Yoga Bolster
CompanyBrentwood HomeHugger MuggerGaiamYogaAccessories

Water bottle

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LuxuryHigh EndMiddleAffordable
ItemInsulated Self-Cleaning and Stainless Steel Water Bottle With UV Water PurifierUV Water Purifier & Self Cleaning Stainless Steel Insulated Water BottleWide Mouth Insulated Doulbe Wall Water BottleStainless Steel Insulated Double Wall Water Bottle
CompanyLARQCrazyCapHydro FlaskHYDRO CELL


Title2,100 Asanas: The Complete Yoga PosesYoga AnatomyThe Yoga Sutras of PatanjaliLight on Yoga: The Bible of Modern Yoga
AuthorDaniel LacerdaLeslie KaminoffSri Swami SatchidanandaB. K. S. Iyengar

Meditation chair/pillows

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LuxuryHigh EndMiddleAffordable
ItemRattan Meditation ChairOriginal Meditation BenchMeditation Bench Dharma FoldableBuckwheat Meditation Cushion
CompanyGaiamBLUECONYLotuscraftsUnique Wellness


ItemChakra Stones Crystal Healing SetThe Rider TarotAffirmation CardsIncense Gift Set
CompanyBuddha BlessingsMystercomeLamareSatya



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